Blog : Excursion to Castle Lichtenstein & Schönberg Tower, 14th October

On 14th October 14 Students and 4 Senior Consultants participated in an enchanting visit to Castle Lichtenstein, a place where fairy tales come to life amidst the stunning landscapes of the Swabian Alb. we got as promised a royal promises history, beauty, and awe-inspiring vistas. In a Guided Castle Tour we explored the rich history and architectural splendor of Castle Lichtenstein. Our knowledgeable guide showed us the halls and chambers, sharing fascinating stories and insights about this medieval gem.

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Register to ASSIST Fun Event on 9th September : Ackergolf what ??

ASSIST would like to invite you to an exceptional fun event in the “Friedrichsau” Ulm. later we will relax in a “Biergarten”.
We don’t need balls, we don’t need clubs, we just need rubber mallets!
The movement is like bocce (old men on the village square) or like throwing stones
(so rascals on the sports field) and we can play it everywhere, where there is enough free space.

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Excursion to Salem “Affenberg” & Unteruhldingen “Pfahlbauten” on 27th Mai 2023

Saturday the 27th of May 2023, 20 students from 14 countries were ready for a beautiful day at Lake Constance with the stations Salem-Affenberg and Pfahlbauten in Unteruhldingen. The weather was excellent and everyone was in a good mood. Unfortunately the Bundesbahn had something in store for us, the train was cancelled, so we had to reschedule the day. But this was no reason to lose our good mood.

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