Blog : Excursion to Castle Lichtenstein & Schönberg Tower, 14th October

On 14th October 14 Students and 4 Senior Consultants participated in an enchanting visit to Castle Lichtenstein, a place where fairy tales come to life amidst the stunning landscapes of the Swabian Alb. we got as promised a royal promises history, beauty, and awe-inspiring vistas. In a Guided Castle Tour we explored the rich history and architectural splendor of Castle Lichtenstein. Our knowledgeable guide showed us the halls and chambers, sharing fascinating stories and insights about this medieval gem.

After the castle tour we enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and the panoramic views of the Swabian Alb from the castle’s vantage point. A lot of pictures have been captured, of the majestic landscapes that surround the castle, the castle itself and all friends.

We moved to the „Nebelhöhle“ to experience regional delicacies and refreshments at the café at the „Nebelhöhle“ , offering a taste of Swabian cuisine in a picturesque setting. 

After we equipped ourself with all possible rain protection means, from jackets, umbrellas up to rain coats, we started our walking tour to the „Schönbergtower“, unfortunately with a lot of rain, so the protection was absolutely necessary. The walking was challenging due to wet stones and leaves.

The view from the Tower so called „Unterhose“ (underpants) was impressing and let us to forget the rain. On the way back to Ulm the rain stopped and we enjoyed the sun and resulting rainbows. 

For sure the participants will share their experiences and the magic of Lichtenstein. Whether they are a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a day of relaxation, this visit offered something for everyone.

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