Blog: Cooking Event on 11th November 2023

We have been thrilled to have a culinary journey that will tantalize our taste buds and ignite our passion for cooking. We have been ready to savor the flavors, learn new techniques, and share unforgettable moments with fellow food enthusiasts at our Cooking Extravaganza!

What we Expected:

  • Interactive Cooking : Learning the creation of delicious dishes from various cuisines. With hands-on experience and the opportunity to ask questions and learn valuable culinary skills.
  • Tasting Session: Indulge in the exquisite dishes prepared during the workshops and enjoy a wide array of flavors and textures.
  • Networking: We met with like-minded food lovers, exchange recipes, and build lasting connections within the culinary community.

What did we Experience:

There is a saying: “Many cooks spoil the broth”. That’s not true for the international cooking event on November 11, 2023. Very delicious dishes were planned, prepared, lovingly cooked or baked and finally put on the table for you to try. There were two types of soups as starters, Indian, Mexican and Iranian main courses and also two types of desserts: a carrot sweet dish and an American Gugelhopf with homemade caramel sauce. Four people prepared the food at the same time on each of the four cooking zones.

We all had a lot of fun during our 4-hour activity.

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