Blog: ASSIST Excursion to Nördlingen on Saturday 18th November 2023.

The medieval town of Nördlingen was the destination of a group of international students on a day trip organised by ASSIST. The picturesque town was founded in the early Middle Ages and is part of the so-called “Romantic Road” in Germany.  During a guided tour, the group learnt about Nördlingen’s medieval history as a “free imperial town”, meaning that the town was independent of the local nobility in earlier centuries. 

Today, Nördlingen is best known for a geological event that took place 15 million years ago. At that time, an asteroid hit our planet and created a huge crater on the site of Nördlingen. Geologists, NASA and ESA astronauts have been visiting the crater for decades for research and trainings. The students from Ulm learned more about the geological history at the Ries Crater Museum. Finally, they enjoyed a view from the church tower named “Daniel” and a walk along the city wall. It is the only completely preserved ring wall around a town in Germany.

source pictures: pixabay & private

Nördlingen, pixabay

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