ASSIST Excursion to Zwiefalten/Wimsener Cave on 19th August 2023

Despite the early departure, all registered participants were on time and enjoyed the coolness of the morning. By train we went to Riedlingen and then by bus to Zwiefalten. After a short walk through the park, we were already at Zwiefalten Cathedral, the first highlight of the day. Already the facade is impressive, the interior of the church is even more so! Everyone stood in awe in front of the baroque splendor and had some of the frescoes, statues and stucco work explained to them. Along the Zwiefalter Aach we hiked on a very varied path to the Wimsen Cave. All students were able to enter the cave by boat. After this beautiful experience and an extensive snack break we hiked back. With the great heat, a longer footbath in the Aach in the shade of a large willow was very welcome. So was the cooling wind while swinging. Further cooling was provided by an ice cream or a cool drink in Zwiefalten before the bus and train brought us back to Ulm.

source of pictures: all Private

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