Assist can more than Excursions, we provide also German conversation support.

This is to remind you that Assist supports also International Students with individual conversation training to improve their German Language skill. Students which use the ASSIST service already improve their German capability in listening, understanding and speaking. (see below)
All german learning you should base on the German Courses, provided by the University, to achieve Language Levels A1/A2.
We offer German conversation support, not teaching, either face to face or online.In addition, this helps students to get answers to general questions about coping with everyday life in Germany. 

Feedback we get from students in the program:

Number one

“Firstly, I highly recommend spending time with ASSIST to speak German.You can tailor the learning activities according to your learning style.
As for me, I had chats in German about general topics. Then, when my German improved, I started to read newspapers and articles and discussing about the topics. Once more, I totally recommend improving your German skills with ASSIST.”

Number two

I wanted to share my experience with Assist over the past 18 months:
It has been very helpful to have someone to practice German with for 1 hour/week. That helped me to improve my language skills and feel more confident while dealing with Germans everywhere around. Annette has been very kind, supportive and helpful in giving tips not only in German language, but also in how to deal with German culture. Many thanks to Annette and to everyone in the Assist group; who are helping in making our life easier in Germany.

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