Excursion to Salem “Affenberg” & Unteruhldingen “Pfahlbauten” on 27th Mai 2023

Saturday the 27th of May 2023, 20 students from 14 countries were ready for a beautiful day at Lake Constance with the stations Salem-Affenberg and Pfahlbauten in Unteruhldingen. The weather was excellent and everyone was in a good mood. Unfortunately the Bundesbahn had something in store for us, the train was cancelled, so we had to reschedule the day. But this was no reason to lose our good mood.

Start were the pile dwellings (Pfahlbauten) , the Sunken Stone Age Village one of Europe’s largest and oldest open-air archaeological museums. The 23 reconstructions of pile dwellings from the Bronze and Stone Ages have made a fascinating, sunken world visible again for almost a century.

Afterwards we went to the Affenberg near Salem. A unique experience with up to 200 Barbary macaques roaming freely in a 50-acre forest!
The biggest free-flying colony of white storks in southern Germany. A paradise for waterbirds and huge carps in the pond.
A bright herd of Fallow deer! A beautiful beer garden surrounded by 50 pairs of storks! 

Delayed but with many new impressions we went back to Ulm, this time everything was on time. 

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