Excursion to Kirchheim of Teck on 8th July 2023

The medieval city of Kirchheim unter Teck

On July 8th Assist started for the first time an excursion to the city of Kirchheim unter Teck – a medieval city between Ulm and Stuttgart. We took the overcrowded train from Ulm and arrived in time. Our first destination was the farmers´ market: The local farmers, butchers, bakers, florists etc. sold their fresh products – a fantastic walk through tastes, flavours, and colours. 

Afterwards a professional guide showed us the city, explained a lot of historic facts and civil and public developments. As he was member of the municipal council we even had the opportunity to visit the council chamber and to climb up the old  tower of he town hall. There we had a great panoramic view over the whole Svabian Alb.

Finally we visited a museum of fire brigades, exhibiting old vehicles, techniques and equipments. We could even enter the  old fire trucks and put on old uniforms and helmets. We really could imagine how challenging it is to be on duty: Heavy, hot and restricting work clothes, heavy equipment, and the imminent danger. 

The final highlight was a short visit at the modern fire station before we went back to the station. This time we went by train and intercity bus. Comfortably air-conditioned one of the hotest days of July ended in Ulm.

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