Blog: Excursion to the MB Museum & Esslingen Christmas Market on 9th December 2023

As the year 2023 is ending we offered the last Excursion on the 9th of December to the two locations museum and Christmas market in Esslingen.:
1st. The Mercedes-Benz Museum, which celebrates the automobile invented by Carl Benz in 1886: it relates its history and tells its stories, bringing both alive by placing them in the context of technology, day-to-day life, social history and popular culture.
2nd. The City of Esslingen Medieval Market & Christmas Market , merchants in historical costumes offer their wares for sale as they did hundreds of years ago, and medieval craftsmen present their ancient art.

A group of 12 students from 8 nations , from 8 corses of study and 2 Senior Consultants started the excursion to the MB Museum in the morning on time in Ulm. This time no challenge from DB.
From the station Neckarpark we walked to the Mercedes Benz Museum and the tour in the museum provided as promised the overview of the car development from 1876 to today for cars, busses and trucks. In addition the museum outline provided special information of the related history along the timeline.
In the afternoon the group visited the “Christmas Market Esslingen” which included an “Medieval Market”. Every Student explored the market according to his interests.
Returning in Ulm a long , exciting and overwhelming day finished.

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