Ackergolf Event on 9th September in Ulm

For Saturday the 9th September, ASSIST invited the international students of the University of Ulm too met for a game event called “Ackergolf”
The day has been a beautiful sunny day. We have been a small group of Students and Senior Consultants but very motivated to enjoy the Game.

The developer of this game, Leo Leuze, guided us very professionally through the event and also acted as an advisor and protocol keeper.
He was also very concerned about safety, for us as players, but also for the spectators.

The playing field was the “Dianawiese” in the Ulmer Park Friedrichsau. There were many spectators, mainly families on the way to the park. 

All students and the ASSIST Senior Consultants were fully committed in the event and they quickly learned the rules, the strategy and also developed the motivation to win.

Only with feeling, tactics and also a little bit luck it was possible to outsmart the other game partners and also to annoy them a little.  After 8 rounds the winner was determined but for all the most important was the participation in the event. It was clear for all of us participants that this event has to be repeated.

At the end we went to a beer garden in the Park Friedrichsau, have had a drink and we exchanged all our experiences and funny situations during the play.

For those Students who did not participate this time, be assured we will give you a chance to experience this fantastic Game.  
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