Excursion to Tübingen on Saturday, postponed to 2024 

Due to the low number of applications for the Excursion on 7th October 2023 we decided to move this Excursion to 2024, date to be defined.

“The city that doesn’t have a university, but is a university.”

Tübingen is at the same time a very young and a very old city. The city’s history began about 1,000 years ago. The university was founded as early as 1477, making it the third oldest in Baden-Württemberg. Today, 28,000 young people study in Tübingen, a city that, with 90,000 inhabitants, is slightly smaller than Ulm. Life pulsates in and around the medieval city center with its many picturesque half-timbered houses. Eco stores, street cafes, bookstores, hummus, kebab and pizza restaurants characterize the streetscape. In between, historic buildings housing institutes of the university, overlooked by Hohentübingen Castle and in the center, the marketplace, the good parlor of Tübingen.

We will have a 90-minute guided tour of the city. Afterwards, there will be time for a picnic in the park (Old Botanical Garden), for an ice cream on the steps of the Collegiate Church, a walk along the Neckar River or in the alleys of the city.

Optionally, you can visit the University Museum in the castle. Here you can look at some of the oldest figurative artworks of mankind. The 40,000-year-old artifacts were excavated by scientists from Tübingen in caves near Ulm.

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