Dear ASSIST community, welcome in the year 2024

A blank slate lies ahead of us, full of possibilities, adventures and opportunities. Together, let’s fill the pages of this fresh year with optimism and determination. May 2024 be a year full of success, happiness and fulfilling moments for you. Seize opportunities, overcome challenges and create beautiful memories. Here’s to a year full of growth, love and contentment! Cheers to a fantastic 2024! 🎉

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Register to ASSIST Fun Event on 9th September : Ackergolf what ??

ASSIST would like to invite you to an exceptional fun event in the “Friedrichsau” Ulm. later we will relax in a “Biergarten”.
We don’t need balls, we don’t need clubs, we just need rubber mallets!
The movement is like bocce (old men on the village square) or like throwing stones
(so rascals on the sports field) and we can play it everywhere, where there is enough free space.

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