Blog: ASSIST Excursion to Friedrichshafen on Saturday the 6th April 2024.

On 6th April 2024 the Assist Excursion took place to Friedrichshafen at the lake of Konstanz . The theme of the Excursion was  “the City, the Lake & technical History” in the famous city of Friedrichshafen.

19 very interested International students from 15 different nations and Senior Consultants started on a sunny day to enjoy the interesting collections of two museums, the promenade and beach of Friedrichshafen. The whether was like summer , the mountains of the alp looked like being in the city front door and some students might have testet  the water temperature by walking into the lake. We started in the The Dornier Museum. „Everyone can be a pioneer !“ is the key message of the Museum. Located next to the Airport Friedrichshafen, the museum makes 100 years of exciting aerospace history materialize as experience. The exhibits include 12 original aircrafts , seven full-scale aerospace exhibits replicas the Dornier Mercure and Dornier Wal. 
In the afternoon we visited the The Zeppelin Museum which houses the most extensive collection in the world on the his- tory of airship travel. This collection provides the basis for the museum team’s work. The assortment of over 6,000 ob- jects includes models, remnants of airships etc.. The art collection is exhibited on the upper floor of the Zeppelin Museum and comprises the most significant artists of South Germany from medieval to modern times.
The remaining time was dedicated to the Friedrichshafen promenade , the city and relaxing with coffee and ice cream.


I had want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip. It was a lovely experience at the museum, and we learned a lot about planes and airships thanks to you. It was also fantastic to meet individuals from throughout the world. I’m looking forward to more trips like this. 
The excursion was very good and I especially loved the Dornier museum. You explaining a lot of the inner workings and details of both the aircraft and the airship were insightful. On the whole, it was delightful and if my schedule permits i will be joining for the next one also.
it was a wonderful day-trip and everything was fine and comfortable.

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