Blog: ASSIST Excursion to Ravensburg on Saturday, 20th April 2024.


Ravensburg, the picturesque town in the heart of southern Germany, is a gem to be discovered. With its charming medieval old town, lively cultural scene and picturesque surroundings, Ravensburg offers a delightful mix of history, art and nature. ASSIST visited this fascinating destination on 20 April with a small group of international students from 5 different countries, accompanied by ASSIST advisors.

After arriving at Ravensburg railway station, a short walk led to the heart of the city – Marienplatz square with its imposing Blaserturm tower. A 90-minute city tour gave an overview of the city’s rich history, including a visit to the two late Gothic council chambers. Afterwards, a stroll through the traditional weekly market was on the program. There were all kinds of delicacies and specialities from the region to discover and sample. After a short hike up to Veitsburg Castle, they were able to enjoy a panoramic view of the Schussental valley and the town with its “towers and gates”.  Finally, a visit to one of the cafés, some of which are historic, was a must. The students and the senior counseling service used the time to talk to each other and learn from each other.

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