Blog: ASSIST Excursion to Blaubeuren & Schelklingen ( cave “Hohler Fels”) on 4th Mai 2024

ASSIST excursion to Blaubeuren and the Hohle Fels on 4.5.24
In perfect hiking weather, we set off from Schelklingen railroad station through the May-green Achtal valley to Hohle Fels. This huge cave was the site where the so-called “Venus of Hohle Fels” was found in 2008. The figure, carved from mammoth ivory, is 40,000 years old and the oldest depiction of a human found anywhere in the world. Jonathan and other participants translated the cave guide’s information about the excavations and the geology of the cave into English. Back at Schelklingen station, we were immediately able to board the train to Blaubeuren. We continued on foot over the “Rucken” with a beautiful view of Blaubeuren to the Blautopf. Due to all the rain beforehand, it was more green than blue. Afterwards, everyone had free time to explore the town or relax in a café.
In the afternoon, a visit to the prehistoric museum in Blaubeuren was on the agenda. During a guided tour in English, we were told in detail about the life of Stone Age people and the scientific methods used by archaeologists and anthropologists to substantiate their theories. Here we were able to see the original “Venus of Hohle Fels” and other impressive finds from the Unesco World Heritage Site in the Ach and Lone valleys and listen to the music of Stone Age flutes.
This brought an interesting excursion to an end for the 14 participants from 10 nations and the 3 senior consultants.

Quelle Bilder: Privat und Museum Blaubeuren

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