Blog: ASSIST Event “Superknall” on 25th Mai 2024

ASSIST and Leo Leutze offered on 25th Mai 2024 the opportunity to participate in the design of a board game including the rule set.
Three Student and two Assist SCs participated, many thanks to Shadin, Shubham and Binh.

Leo is a former Physics Teacher and has already, during his active time, developed games to support the lessons. He is known to the ASSIST community as he did organize the Event “Ackergolf” last year. The new Game Leo has designed is called:„SUPERKNALL“ (super bang) What is that?

„SUPERKNALL“ is a board game for four or five people.
– superknall stands for the elementary principles of physics, but the participants do not need to understand any of this.
– the dice ensure that the course of the game is unpredictable.
– “The thief with the glass suitcase” is a second name for the game, the hunting instinct is built in.
– “Everyone sees it, only he doesn’t!”
– Every participant experiences moments of superiority even if they have no chance of winning.

Very elementary, very cool, easy to learn for everyone.The game rules are simple, the game situations are varied, and a game round lasts around 30 minutes, so even spectators has enjoyed it.

    As all students are in the ASSIST German language program so the event could be easily performed in German!
    The rules have been quickly grasped by watching. We experienced  constant surprises and every participant has had the chance to win right to the end.
    The openness of the participants provided the developer with important information about existing weaknesses, for which he would like to express his sincere thanks. The ASSIST community is looking forward to the new „IDEAS“ of Leo in the future.

    source: all pictures are privat or from pixabay

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