ASSIST is not just excursions! 

In addition to our activities on excursions and events, ASSIST also offers support in learning German in tandems.
This is not German lessons in the classical format but is based on personal exchange of topics determined by the learner. 
The focus is on the ability to hear, understand, interpret and use language in response.
Therefore, we focus on communication in German, the existing gaps are supplemented with English and also with the explanation in German.
This is intended to overcome barriers to speak in German.

There are currently 12 active tandems covering language levels from A1 to B1.

Here is an example of what can happen in practice.
Petra and her tandem partner have only been on the road for a few meetings.
ASSIST Tandem Partner. How tandem partners can complement each other, by Petra.

I told my tandem partner about my idea of connecting my TV set to a BT adapter, which then sends the sound to the headphones via BT. The TV sound is then off. I tried to implement it on my own, but was unsuccessful.  She offered to take a look at it.
So we arranged to meet and after 2 hours we were successful.
We were both delighted to have done it together. 
Then we got hungry and together we prepared an elderflower dough, or “haddle” in Swabian, according to a recipe. 
I showed her how to make the batter and dip the elderflowers in it, put them in the pan and wait until they were lightly browned.
We enjoyed them with honey, apple sauce or cinnamon sugar.
That was our German conversation afternoon.
It was a success and an example of how tandem partners can help each other.

Source pictures: Private and pixabay

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