Activities in 2015

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Saturday, January 24th  –  Excursion to Obersdorf – walking tour

© E. Theile
We reached Oberstdorf by train and continued our journey by a walking tour to an excellent viewpoint “Cafe Breitenstein” where we had our lunch break in the cafe/restaurant. Afterwards we walked downhill to the Valley of Trettach River which is a typical wild mountain river

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Friday, February 27th  –  Romantic train ride across Schwäbische Alb

We made a train ride to Münsingen – a small town in the middle of Schwäbische Alb along the beautifull and romantic track passing the valley of the rivers Blau and Schmiech. It was a nice possibility to see much of the winterly landscape of Schwäbische Alb without even having to walk.
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Saturday, March 14th  –  Excursion to the lake of Constance

© E. Theile
The highlights of our excursion were a walking tour at the waterside of the lake, passing villages with pretty gardens and parks and the visit of the city of Lindau located on a small island.
We could feel and smell the spring time in the mild climate around Lake Constance (Bodensee).
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Saturday, May 9th,  –  Excursion to the royal Palace of Ludwigsburg

© Eberhard Theile
In May there is  a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the royal Palace of Ludwigsburg.
We had  a guided tour in English and saw its parks and gardens when thousands of tulips are blooming. Also we saw how dukes and kings including their royal suite lived 300 years ago in Württemberg.
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Saturday, October 24th – Excursion to the City of Nürnberg

© Eberhard Theile
We had the unique opportunity to participate in an excursion to one of Germany’s most attractive historic locations: the city of Nürnberg – the richest and most important town in the middle ages in the German Empire.
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Wednesday, December 9th – Christmas-Party

As every year, we organized a Christmas-Party. We celebrated an authentic German Advent, with Glühwein, food, pastries and drinks, reading Christmas stories, singing some Christmas songs and talking about Christmas celebrations in different countries.
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Pictures taken at the Christmas-Party

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