Feedback from participants of our activities

I have been practicing German with Annette for the past 3 months, and she has been very kind, nice and incredibly helpful. I can feel that my German is improving. Just wanted to thank you all for your great effort.

A.M from Egypt

I was fortunate to know about ASSIT from University of Ulm. The organization has affectionate people who organize day trips to beautiful locations. I have been to a couple of trips and have thoroughly enjoyed. They are also willing to help you better your German language. It has helped me extensively and my speaking skills have got better with time. It is a non-judgmental, selfless, honest and fun organization.

A.K from India

I highly recommend ASSIST if you wish to explore day trips in the state of Bayern and Baden Württemberg with experienced tour guides. This helped me to visit places like Bodensee, Oberstdorf, Stuttgart, Nürnberg,  Breitachklamm, and Island Mainau.  Another main reason to follow ASSIST is that they offer German language partners for free. I could meet them on weekends and improve my communication. They also give important updates about various events happening in and around Ulm like the second hand bicycle market, career workshops, company tours. Overall my life in Germany got easier with ASSIST.

P.K.K from India

 I had a great experience with ASSIST. In my opinion, not only does ASSIST provide an opportunity to be part of different activities and events, but also helps discover the German culture and language with excellent support from ASSIST team.

R.K from India

 met ASSIST team members for the first time in November 2019 for my trip to Mercedes-Benz museum,Stuttgart. They were very friendly and helpful throughout the trip and explained us the history of many German cities and also the BMW museum.It was a nice to get a broad idea about the history of German cities, culture and people. I got also helped with German language and information about many historical facts about Germany that we don’t find in any news or books.It comes only from people who have experienced many events in their lives.Thus, my experience with ASSIST has been wonderful.You can learn many things from the members outside your academia and limited friend circle.I recommend all international students to take advantage of this opportunity and get in contact with ASSIST. You will learn many things and be invited to lots of festivals, events that will make your lives lively.

A.L. from India

Thank you so much for the awesome trip. ​​​​​I feel my heart with joy unspeakable of this great organization. ASSIST has been like a realm, where I found myself again. This platform is to make new friends, exchange languages, and learn from Nature. I always try to keep up with the excursions organized by ASSIST, as it inspires me to do my science with joy till the next trip. With ASSIST I can nurture the little sapling of volunteering, I hope that a day comes when I can also serve others how ASSIST helped me to find happiness in a land far away from friends, family and peers. I convey my heartfelt regards to all the members of ASSIST.

S.B. from India

I really enjoyed, very well organized & coordinated , I loved it, absolutely amazing and I learned a lot, thank you very much for everything!!

Your guidance and trivia at each destination was very informative and much appreciated, I loved the way, how ASSIST members answered our queries and gave us the historical background about Zeppelins and Dornier planes. you are such amazing persons.

really great to interact with other fellow participants. 

Excursion 18th March 2023 to Friedrichshafen, summary of all participants

I participate in ASSIST day trips because I have the opportunity to meet friendly and open people on fun excursions. I am very grateful to the ASSIST team because they do so much to organize the trips! They have all been very kind to me.

Esteli Student of Cognitive Systems, USA

I participate in ASSIST day trips because it is very interesting to see different places in Germany. The ASSIST team is very great! Friendly tour guides and organization.

Assylbek Student of Computer Science, Kazakhstan

I participate because ASSIST plans excursions really well. They organize trips to some really cool locations in South Germany. It is great to go in a big group and to get to know many new people… The ASSIST Team is made up of really good people. … It’s always very fascinating to listen to their stories and perspectives… I actually speak with Alf on a regular basis, he has helped me a lot to improve my German.

Student of Communication and Information Technology, India

“Firstly, I highly recommend spending time with ASSIST to speak German.
You can tailor the learning activities according to your learning style. As for me, I had chats in German about general topics. Then, when my German improved, I started to read newspapers and articles and discussing about the topics.
Once more, I totally recommend improving your German skills with ASSIST.”

International Student

I wanted to share my experience with Assist over the past 18 months:
It has been very helpful to have someone to practice German with for 1 hour/week. That helped me to improve my language skills and feel more confident while dealing with Germans everywhere around. Annette has been very kind, supportive and helpful in giving tips not only in German language, but also in how to deal with German culture.
Many thanks to Annette and to everyone in the Assist group; who are helping in making our life easier in Germany.

International Student

Hello ASSIST Team,
I am pleased that you and the student group enjoyed your visit. We also enjoyed the tour and the group’s interest in the historic vehicles.
We would be very happy about another visit next year.
I will be happy to include the link to Assist Ulm on our homepage. Kind regards from Kirchheim.

Director of Fireworks Museum in Kirchheim

I had want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip. It was a lovely experience at the museum, and we learned a lot about planes and airships thanks to you. It was also fantastic to meet individuals from throughout the world. I’m looking forward to more trips like this. 

The excursion was very good and I especially loved the Dornier museum. You explaining a lot of the inner workings and details of both the aircraft and the airship were insightful. On the whole, it was delightful and if my schedule permits i will be joining for the next one also.

#3 it was a wonderful day-trip and everything was fine and comfortable.

Feedback from various Students of excursion to Friedrichshafen 6th April 2024

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