Excursion to Bad Buchau including „Federsee/Wackelwald“. on 15th April 2023

On April 18th 2023 the Excursion took place themed “Nature and History.”

Eight Students and one senior consultant started with full energy into the Day

but have had  to learn that due to „two“ defect trains the journey to Biberach 

was delayed by 45minutes. So we did the visit the city of Biberach, with the famous

Farmers Market and the historical OldTown houses, before we went to

in the Federsee & Shaking Trees home town Bad Buchau.

That means original nature and important prehistorical past, sputtering thermal

springs and curing in one of the most beautiful and intact  landscapes (UNESCO Heritage).

We walked through the „Wackelwald or Shaking Trees“ walking on unstable ground.

The Federsee Steg and last but not leased the Federsee Museum,

which shows the live of the people in this region 1500 years BC ,

ended the exciting day with a lot of fun. 

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