International Potluck in Friedrichsau

ASSIST invited to it’s 1st International Potluck on Saturday, September 3, 2022. The celebration took place in the Teutonia beer garden in Ulm’s Friedrichsau district.
For the potluck, all students and seniors who came had brought a favorite dish from their home country:
Indian chicken (Chicken Biriyani), potato salad from Iran (Olivier Salad), cheese fritters from Switzerland (Cheese fritters Gougeres), green spelt fritters from modern German cuisine (Grünkernbratlinge), hearty fritters from India (Sabudana fritters) as well as lentil walnut salad (Linsen-Walnuss-Salat) and plum cake (Zwetschgenkuchen) from Swabia.
It was a delicious buffet. Even the waiters of the beer garden were enthusiastic.
A big THANK YOU goes to Mr. Beilhard from the Teutonia beer garden and his team, who provided us with excellent drinks and made the celebration possible under a large parasol. The potluck was organized by the Senior Consultants Anusha and Klaus.

Organisation by Alfred Feuerstein

© Anusha Kulkarni

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