Excursion to the lake “Federsee”,
Bad Buchau and Biberach

“In Ulm-um Ulm-um Ulm herum” this was the motto for the excursion to the Federsee&Wackelwald. According to the regulations of DING students with student ID had no cost for transportation.
22 Students from  7 countries took this oppurtunity together with the Assist consultants.
The participation rate compared to the registration was 100% and all arrived in time to start –
well done.

After a very informative guided tour in the Federsee Museum we explored the Federsee foodbrige to see original nature and important prehistorical past, sputtering thermal springs and curing in one of the most beautiful and intact landscapes. All of us has had to be resilent agains the wind and low temperatur but still we enjoyed it. After the lunch in the nature we went to the „Wackelwald” or “Shaking Trees“.
The trees stand on peat soil, originating from the silting of the glacial spring lake. That’s why you can experience an extraordinary phenomenon here , with every step, the soft ground bounces. All were surprised by the effect. Closing the day we explored the city of Biberachh in various Groups.

So all of enjoyed the excellent day.

Shaking Trees © Sambhasan Banerjee
Bad Buchau © Sambhasan Banerjee
The Federsee Museum © Sambhasan Banerjee
The lake Federsee © Sambhasan Banerjee

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