Actual Events and Planned Activities

Planned events

for the Winter Semester 2022/23 we will arrange more excursions with a balance between Museums, Nature and Hiking. All this is based on the students feedback & recommodations. We plan excursions to the following places:

Wednesday, December 14th – ASSIST Christmas party

This year’s ASSIST Christmas party will take place on

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at 7 o’ clock pm (19 Uhr)
at Villa Eberhardt, Heidenheimer Str. 80.

We want to celebrate an authentic German Advent, food, pastries and drinks, reading Christmas stories, singing some Christmas songs and talking about Christmas celebrations in different countries.
We would be glad – and it would be also interesting for all of us – how students from other countries celebrate Christmas or advent or any other feast at the time of winter solstice or end of the year.
We also hope that some of the participants will contribute songs or stories of their typical Christmas or any other celebration. Also traditional dress or delicious finger food or pastries are welcome (PodLuk)?

However we are sorry to inform, that already this event is outbooked.

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Recently organized events

Saturday, November 26th and December 3rd 2022 –
Excursion to Mercedes Benz Museum and  Chrismas and Medieval Market

On Saturday 26th November a group of 26 students, Senior Consultants and a “Filmteam” started the excursion to the MB Museum in Untertürkheim. The “Filmteam”, three Students of the HNU, accompanied the group to film the excursion itself and to do intervies with the students in respect to ASSIST for a promotion video.​​ The Museum provided to the students an overview of the car development from 1876 to today for car`s, busses and trucks. In addition the museum provided special information of the related history allong the timeline.
In the afternoon the group visited the “Christmas Market Esslingen” which included an “Medieval Market”. This completed a  long day, exciting and overwhelming.
As the nummber of applications to this excursion exceeded all expectation, the Assist Team decided to repeat the excursion on the 3rd of December.

The group in front of Merceds Benz Museum
© Sevdeta Hadzhieva


Esslingen – Christmas market
© Sevdeta Hadzhieva


The group of December, 3rd

Historic Merceds Benz car
© Sevdeta Hadzhieva

Saturday, November 12th 2022 – Excursion to Königsbronn

Lake Itzelberg appears almost mystical in the November fog. Wild ducks glide on the water. The birds do not seem to be worried by the group of students from Ulm, who hike from the lake to Rock Herwartstein. Below, the Brenztopf lies in the middle of Königsbronn, an industrial village on the edge of the Swabian Alb. It is considered the oldest industrial site in Germany; iron ore was smelted here as early as 800 years ago. Königsbronn is also the home of Georg Elser, the resistance fighter under National Socialism who almost changed the course of history in World War II. Visibly touched, the students hear about Elser’s life and work.

In the Museum “Alte Feilenschleiferei” (Old File Grinding) everything is working: The water wheel, transmission belts and machines from the 19th century. The day ends with a freshly tapped beer in the small private brewery of the “Kulturverein Königsbronn”.

26 International Students from the University of Ulm took part in the excursion. Gudrun Köpf, Alf Feuerstein and Peter Rehermann were there as Senior Consultants.

Organisation by Gudrun Köpf


Townhall of Königsbronn

The Brenztopf
© Gudrun Köpf

Grinding Museum
© Peter Rehermann


© Sambhasan

Saturday, October 29th 2022 – Excursion to Nördlingen


On the last Saturday of September the ASSIST team  performed an excursion to the romantic old town of Nördlingen.
Nördlingen is one of the most attractive of the towns in the central part of the Romantic Road of Germany. As all the tourist guides mention, Nördlingen shares with its neighbours to the north (Rothenburg and Dinkelsbühl) the distinction of being one of the only remaining walled medieval towns in Germany. However, it is far less crowded than the other two and offers an additional attraction of geological interest – being located in the crater of a meteorite impact, which even served as a training ground for astronauts, and with its impressive tower being built of the rock formed from that impact.
We will had the opportunity to go on the walkway of the city wall and to visit the Rieskrater-Museum.

© Krischna Iriventi

© Krischna Iriventi

© Krischna Iriventi

Organisation by Ulrich Petri

Saturday, October 8th 2022 – Excursion to Lichtenstein

A small group of International Students participated in a “test tour” to Lichtenstein Castle last Saturday, October 8. This small tour was a preparation for a bigger excursion to Lichtenstein Castle and the Schönbergturm  which had already been postponed once due to bad weather and which is now planned for spring 2023

  The group
  © Shubham Kapoor


The castle of Lichtenstein
© Shubham Kapoor

  Organisation by Alfred Feuerstein

Saturday, September 3rd 2022 – International Potluck in Friedrichsau

ASSIST invited to it’s 1st International Potluck on Saturday, September 3, 2022. The celebration took place in the Teutonia beer garden in Ulm’s Friedrichsau district.
For the potluck, all students and seniors who came had brought a favorite dish from their home country:
Indian chicken (Chicken Biriyani), potato salad from Iran (Olivier Salad), cheese fritters from Switzerland (Cheese fritters Gougeres), green spelt fritters from modern German cuisine (Grünkernbratlinge), hearty fritters from India (Sabudana fritters) as well as lentil walnut salad (Linsen-Walnuss-Salat) and plum cake (Zwetschgenkuchen) from Swabia.
It was a delicious buffet. Even the waiters of the beer garden were enthusiastic.
A big THANK YOU goes to Mr. Beilhard from the Teutonia beer garden and his team, who provided us with excellent drinks and made the celebration possible under a large parasol. The potluck was organized by the Senior Consultants Anusha and Klaus.


© Anusha Kulkarni

  Saturday, August 13rd 2022 – Excursion to Heidelberg

More than 15 International Students joined us in the recent trip to Heidelberg and Heidelberg Schloß. Heidelberg is one of the Romantic city Germany and worth visiting. We visited the Heidelberg Schloß which is more than 800 years old, The Apotheke Museum and the Great Tun which is the largest wine barrel in the world with a capacity of 220,000 ltrs. We could not miss the Altstadt, Hauptstraße and the Old bridge “Karl Theodor Brücke“.
Hope to see you all again in our next trip.!

Invitation to Excursion:
2022-08-13_Heidelberg invitation  
Organisation by Anusha Kulkarni

© Anusha Kulkarni

© Anusha Kulkarni

© Anusha Kulkarni

Saturday, July 30 th 2022 – Excursion to Augsburg

11 International Students visited Augsburg. Sunshine and La Strada, an international street artist festival, welcomed the group from Ulm.
Augsburg is the second oldest city in Germany and has numerous historical sights that tell of the glory and prosperity of centuries past.
The Renaissance town hall of the city, with its Golden Hall, was the most magnificent secular building of its era. Water canals and water towers that earned the city UNESCO World Heritage status in 2019, churches and guild houses, the palace of the Fuggers, the powerful banking family from whose money lived dukes, kings and popes.
It was also Jakob Fugger the Rich who in 1521 founded a social settlement for poor families, the Fuggerei. Needy people still live here today. The students were able to visit rooms in the original show house of the settlement, where craftsmen’s families had worked and lived 500 years ago. Back in the city center, there was time to relax and enjoy La Strada, the festival of street performers.
Organisation by Gudrun Koepf and Klaus Schuder

Invitation Excursion Augsburg 2022

Pictures taken during the excursion

Golden Hall, Augsburg
© Gudrun Köpf

Boys and Girls
© Gudrun Köpf

Water Canal, Augsburg
© Gudrun Köpf

Fuggerei Augsburg
© Gudrun Köpf

Saturday, July 9th 2022 – Excursion to Sigmaringen

On 9th July 2022, a small group of International Students from various countries visited Sigmaringen and the upper Danube Valley by train using the 9€ ticket opportunity.
The morning was dedicated to culture, exploring the castle of Sigmaringen by a guided tour and later a walk through the city.
In the afternonn the nature got priority by a hiking tour in the upper Danube Valley around the monastery of Beuron with the impressive church.
The not too hard hiking tour along the Donau-River completed the full day supported by excellent weather.

Pictures taken during the excursion

The group near Sigmaringen Castle
© Anusha Kulkarni

At the entrance of Sigmaringen Castle
© Anusha Kulkarni

In the upper Danube Valley
© Anusha Kulkarni

In the Danube
© Anusha Kulkarni

Saturday, June 11th 2022 – Excursion to Tübingen


© Erla Spatz-Zöllner

22 Ulm students from 7 countries went to Tübingen with ASSIST on June 11, 2022. With sunshine and bright blue skies, the charming city on the Neckar welcomed the group from Ulm. A colorful mix of day-trippers, Tübingen students and street musicians populated the alleys of the old town. Ice cream parlors and sidewalk cafes made record sales and the Neckar River was a hive of activity with different boats.
The city guide, an American, was well received by the group. With charm and esprit, he introduced his international guests to the history of the university town, special features of German universities and German cultural history.
The students from the “young” University of Ulm were amazed to see that some of their peers actually attend seminars in centuries-old, picturesque buildings such as the “Alte Aula, the “Burse” and “Hohentübingen Castle”.
The world’s first laboratory for biochemistry was established in Tübingen Castle in 1818, and it has been open to the public since 2015. The laboratory met with great interest, especially among science and medical students. At this location, they came within reach of the beginnings of their fields of study, for it was here that the Tübingen scientist Felix Hoppe-Seyler had discovered hemoglobin in 1861. Only eight years later, Friedrich Miescher isolated nuclein, the substance that carries our genetic information and is now commonly known as DNA, in the castle laboratory.
Of course, there was still “free” time: some participants chilled in the park, others were enthusiastic about the exhibition in the University Museum of Ancient Cultures, still others enjoyed the summer day in a pedal boat on the Neckar River.
Gudrun Köpf and Erla Spatz-Zöllner were there as ASSIST Senior Consultants.
Author: Gudrun Köpf

Pictures taken during the excursion

© Erla Spatz

© Sam

Saturday, May 14th 2022 – Excursion to Blaubeuren


Blaubeuren is a picturesque location around 20 Kms from Ulm. There are several trekking routes, we chose an easy and comfortable trekking path. The trek began from the Blaubeuren railway station and ended at the Blautopf with a total duration of 3 hours. Blautopf is a crystal clear blue lake which is the source of the river Blau (Blue in English). Erla talked us through the city of Blaubeuren explaining its rich Heritage and History.  15 International students joined and made this a memorable one”.


Organized by Anusha Kulkarni and Erla Spatz-Zöllner

© Anusha Kulkarni

Pictures taken during the excursion

The group near the “Blautopf”
© Anusha Kulkarni

The group near the “Blautopf” 
© Anusha Kulkarni

Saturday, April 30th 2022 – Excursion to Bad Urach

For our tour to the picturesque town of Bad Urach approx. 50km west of Ulm we travelled with private motor cars. There we walked to the famous waterfall of Bad Urach and  had a picnic on top of the hill.
We continued our walk to the ruins of the former Hohenurach castle.
This was a nice place to have another picnic with a beautiful view over the Swabian Alb mountains.
We walked down to Bad Urach for a sightseeing tour and for a final break in one of the nice cafés
before driving back to Ulm.

Pictures taken during the excursion

Below the Urach waterfall
© Sambhasan Banerjee

View from Hohenurach Castle
© Sambhasan Banerjee

Bad Urach
© Sambhasan Banerjee

The group
© Sambhasan Banerjee

Saturday, April 23nd 2022 – Excursion to the lake “Federsee”,
Bad Buchau and Biberach

“In Ulm-um Ulm-um Ulm herum” this was the motto for the excursion to the Federsee&Wackelwald. According to the regulations of DING students with student ID had no cost for transportation.
22 Students from  7 countries took this oppurtunity together with the Assist consultants.
The participation rate compared to the registration was 100% and all arrived in time to start –
well done.
After a very informative guided tour in the Federsee Museum we explored the Federsee foodbrige to see original nature and important prehistorical past, sputtering thermal springs and curing in one of the most beautiful and intact landscapes. All of us has had to be resilent agains the wind and low temperatur but still we enjoyed it. After the lunch in the nature we went to the „Wackelwald” or “Shaking Trees“.
The trees stand on peat soil, originating from the silting of the glacial spring lake. That’s why you can experience an extraordinary phenomenon here , with every step, the soft ground bounces. All were surprised by the effect. Closing the day we explored the city of Biberachh in various Groups.

So all of enjoyed the excellent day.

Pictures taken during the excursion

The lake Federsee
© Sambhasan Banerjee

The Federsee Museum
© Sambhasan Banerjee

Shaking Trees
© Sambhasan Banerjee

Bad Buchau
© Sambhasan Banerjee

Saturday, April 2nd 2022 – Excursion to the Experimenta
Exhibition in Heilbronn

20 students joined us in good mood on our excursion. After visiting the exposition they either could explore the city of Heilbronn on their own or have a walk along the river in the area of 2019 Bundesgartenschau (gardening exhibition).
Link to Experimenta:

In spite of little misschiefs (one missed train – one lost wallet, which thanks to a good samaritan was returned) it was an interesting and successfull day and we got a positive response from the participants and were asked : Where do we go next?.

Pictures taken during the excursion

The group
© Sambhasan Banerjee

© Sambhasan Banerjee

Saturday, March  22nd 2022 – Excursion to the Ski Flying Hill in Oberstdorf

Visiting the Alps and Oberstdorf was often suggested  and  requested by students and thus the ASSIST team  chose this  destination for the second excursion of this year .
Students from different countries, like India, Malaysia, USA, Lithuania, Egypt and two Senior Consultants We took the train to Obersdorf and from there the bus brought us to the Ski Flying Hill, where we were welcomed by a guide
He explained to us the function, the counting of the flying points during a competition and the history of the SKI Flying Hill, which was build in 1950 .
Two fast small elevators took us to the top 72m, high. In former times the athletics has to climbed up with their ski. But nowadays they could use the elevators. We had a great view from the platform on the top. We gained the impression how deep and steep the jumpers has to go.
After  a picnic, we walked back to Oberstdorf.
We enjoyed the sunny day, the snow-covered mountains, the blue sky and the fact, that we have been on the top of one of the highest Ski Flying Hill of the world.

Pictures taken during the excursion

Looking down
the ski-jump
© Petra Wieland

Walking in the Alps
© Petra Wieland

The group
© Petra Wieland

Saturday, March  5th 2022 – Excursion to Friedrichshafen
and  its two famous technical Museums

This was the first excursion since 2 years due to mainly Corona limitations in 2020/2021.
13 Students comming from 7 Countries ranging from USA to China (W-O) and Latvia to Iran (N_S) did apply for the Trip. We walked along the Lake of Constance and visited the Zeppelin and the Dornier Museum.
Here a feedback from a participant:
“Trip to Friedrichshafen was a very fun and pleasant time with amazing people, beautiful views and interesting exhibitions.
Many thanks to the organisers, the trip was very well arranged.”

Pictures taken during the excursion

© Urte

The group at the bank of 
Lake Constance © Lin Sun

At the Dornier Museum
© Anusha Kulkarni

Feedback from participants of our activities

A.M from Egypt
I have been practicing German with Annette for the past 3 months, and she has been very kind, nice and incredibly helpful. I can feel that my German is improving. Just wanted to thank you all for your great effort.

A.K from India
I was fortunate to know about ASSIT from University of Ulm. The organization has affectionate people who organize day trips to beautiful locations. I have been to a couple of trips and have thoroughly enjoyed. They are also willing to help you better your German language. It has helped me extensively and my speaking skills have got better with time. It is a non-judgmental, selfless, honest and fun organization.

P.K.K from India
I highly recommend ASSIST if you wish to explore day trips in the state of Bayern and Baden Württemberg with experienced tour guides. This helped me to visit places like Bodensee, Oberstdorf, Stuttgart, Nürnberg,  Breitachklamm, and Island Mainau.  Another main reason to follow ASSIST is that they offer German language partners for free. I could meet them on weekends and improve my communication. They also give important updates about various events happening in and around Ulm like the second hand bicycle market, career workshops, company tours. Overall my life in Germany got easier with ASSIST.

R.K from India
 I had a great experience with ASSIST. In my opinion, not only does ASSIST provide an opportunity to be part of different activities and events, but also helps discover the German culture and language with excellent support from ASSIST team.

A.L. from India
I met ASSIST team members for the first time in November 2019 for my trip to Mercedes-Benz museum,Stuttgart. They were very friendly and helpful throughout the trip and explained us the history of many German cities and also the BMW museum.It was a nice to get a broad idea about the history of German cities, culture and people. I got also helped with German language and information about many historical facts about Germany that we don’t find in any news or books.It comes only from people who have experienced many events in their lives.Thus, my experience with ASSIST has been wonderful.You can learn many things from the members outside your academia and limited friend circle.I recommend all international students to take advantage of this opportunity and get in contact with ASSIST. You will learn many things and be invited to lots of festivals, events that will make your lives lively.

S.B. from India
Thank you so much for the awesome trip. ​​​​​I feel my heart with joy unspeakable of this great organization. ASSIST has been like a realm, where I found myself again. This platform is to make new friends, exchange languages, and learn from Nature. I always try to keep up with the excursions organized by ASSIST, as it inspires me to do my science with joy till the next trip. With ASSIST I can nurture the little sapling of volunteering, I hope that a day comes when I can also serve others how ASSIST helped me to find happiness in a land far away from friends, family and peers. I convey my heartfelt regards to all the members of ASSIST.

How do I get informations about the activities of ASSIST

All members of ASSIST will get a detailed invitation-letter by email for each event.
In many cases a registration at the respective organiser is necessary.

To become a member at ASSIST please contact the coordinator
Klaus Schuder klaus.schuder(at) for registration.

Proposals for additional excursions are most welcome. Students and senior consultants are asked to send them to Klaus Schuder.

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